“I liked doing the Davis program. It was fun, more fun than school. I learned a lot! Reading is easier for me now!”





“My reading improved a lot. It is easier for me to hear and pay attention now. It really helped me with my math, and I discovered that I am artistic!”



“I have been reading, reading, and reading. It is so much FUN!!!”





“Hi! I’m Daniel and I’m dyslexic. Mrs. Chu’s program helped me write and spell better and read better, too.”




“I had difficulty in school, so my mom and dad were looking for something to help me with my reading. They found the Davis Program and now I have confidence in myself! I can accomplish my goals in school, and I think anyone with dyslexia should do the Davis Program. It helps!”



“This program helped me understand that dyslexia is not a disability but a gift. I also no longer consider my dyslexia as a weakness but a strength. Since seeing you, I’ve graduated from High School. I will be attending college this fall. Thank you for opening new doors of opportunity.



“I am enjoying writing in a way I never thought I could. The stress I felt before when I would begin to write is gone. I also am so amazed at how many times I find myself using the tools you taught me in everyday situations. What a blessing to be able to focus when I need to! Because of your sweet, gentle way, the week was so fun and non-threatening. Thank you for being such an encourager.”

david3 (1).jpeg

David, CEO

“The pain of reading has turned to the joy of reading. I can’t read enough, I want to read all the time and I find myself getting better and better with better comprehension. My hands don’t sweat and my heart doesn’t race when I sit down to read a book. I love to sit with my kids and read a story instead of making up a story as I turn each page. A whole new world has been opened up to me, and the joy and happiness of being a part of that world is more than words can express.”