How The Program Works

The program week is an intense, one-on-one program that is normally conducted from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

  • The client is free for lunch from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 each day.

  • There are frequent breaks every day to help the client process information.

  • The client is encouraged to bring a snack to enjoy on breaks. (A refrigerator is available.)

  • The client will need to be rested and eager to learn.

The Assessment

First, there is an assessment that lasts approximately 2 hours and is preferably conducted prior to the beginning of the program. During this session the following information is determined:

  • The client’s ability to perceive multi-dimensionally

  • The client’s needs, goals, level of motivation, and the appropriateness of the program for the client

The client’s program can then be custom-designed using the information gained from this assessment. An assessment can be scheduled by calling (210) 414-0116.

What does the client learn during a program week?

Davis Orientation Counseling®

The client will learn to perceive accurately and will develop the ability to detect and correct disorientation (inaccurate perceptions) at will. Perceptual and kinesthetic exercises described in the book The Gift of Dyslexia will be used to achieve this goal.

Davis Symbol Mastery®

Picture thinkers learn best through a visual/spatial approach. Clients learn the basic symbols of reading and writing by creating the alphabet and other symbols as clay models. Clients use clay to create the concept of each word’s meaning. He/she will also use clay to form the alphabet, punctuation and words for which there are no mental pictures.

3 Steps to Easier Reading

The client will learn three simple techniques that help dyslexics improve their reading ability.

Coordination Training

Kinesthetic and balancing exercises help resolve many coordination problems. This helps develop balance and reinforces the student’s ability to control orientation.

Home Study Program

As soon as the client begins to do more, it is important that they be allowed and expected to take charge of their learning. Students who finish the Dyslexia Correction Program receive a kit of learning tools to take home with them for further mastery. The student will need less and less help along the way, as the new skills gradually become independent tools. With the client’s agreement, an individual plan of action is created to steadily improve his/her skills.

Parent/Tutor Support Training

Support training is offered in the afternoon on the last day of the program and is an essential part of the program. Anyone who will be helping the client is encouraged to attend this training. During this session, helper(s) will be taught the basic Symbol Mastery methods and briefed on how to act as a coach after the program.